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Ripple on one key

Pan Puszek

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Hello guys,


I've watched a ton of tutorials and tried to read forums but I can't find answer to my question, and the question is:


Is it possible to make ripple effect on one key?


I want to make a ripple effect on " ` " key but only on that key. I want the ripple to start (has its centre) on this particular key.

I've managed to do something close what I want to achive but the problem is I want to have " ` " to be a voice chat key. I'm assigning an action, keystroke, to tylda but it makes the key... stutter lets say - it turns of and on very rapidly and the voice chat is complete trash.


Is there any way to do it?


Thanks for help.

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I know that a ripple effect has to be bound to the group of keys but I achieved ripple that works only on one button through assigning ripple effect to a keystroke macro.


What I mean is I want the ripple effect to trigger only when I press one, certain key. The other keys won't trigger the ripple. I want the ripple to go across the keyboard but the ripple effect has to start from that one key that triggers it.


My method with keystroke macro works up to the point, but it makes my voice chat key (push-to-talk) to start and end voice transmission very rapidly what makes my voice chat unusable.

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