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Corsair 100R - My new favorite case?

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... maybe not the best case Corsair offers, but certainly a strange favorite.


I do custom builds from time to time and it is very hard to stay below $1k and also get a sleek build with components I like. The 100R has helped fill the lower end void I typically avoid. Here are some of the builds I've done lately using the 100R all coupled with Corsair's OEM Seasonic PSU. All case cables are original factory lengths, no modifications there. More to come...


*please note; none of these systems are intended to crazy by any means. They are what the client wanted, or could afford.


System 1; The red rounded cables were all I had at the time, not the greatest match.






System 2; Getting more comfortable with this case and wire management...






System 3; The latest one really starting to flow on the cable side (imo). Not sure how I will do better from here with what is provided.







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