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Possibly Bad Memory (almost certain)


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Good Day!


Last year, when I built my new PC, I purchased two sets of your Corsair TwinX1024-3200C2PRO Modules (2 GB Total). When they arrived, I affixed a small, numbered sticker to the pairs (1 and 2) so that the matched pairs could always be kept together.


Anyway, for about a year now, I have been plagued with crazy problems. For example, my PC spontaneously reboots from time to time, especially when playing games. Sometimes it happens on start-up, sometimes when starting an application, sometimes when loading a new level, etc. I've searched tech forums, updated drives, and tried just about everything under the sun to fix this problem (to no avail).


Anyway, over the past year, I have tried different motherboards, CPUs, video cards, power supplies, drivers, patches, settings, etc. Only different memory seems to fix the problem. If I try the memory in another PC, the reboot problem carries over to the other PC as well. And the memory fails with MEMTEST. Anyway, after much frustration, annoyance, and troubleshooting-extreme, I have concluded the following: my #2 set of memory has something wrong with it. When I run Set #1 alone, there are no problems or crashes (and the performance is excellent). With Set #2 by itself, the crash frequency increases over running both sets together. Thus, my conclusion is that the #2 set of memory is bad.


Here are my current system specs:


OS: WinXP w/ SP2

MB: Intel D875PBZLK FMB 1.5 (875P Chipset)

CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz HT / 512 Cache / 800 FSB / 1.55V

Video: ATI Radeon 9800 XT Pro (256 MB AGP)

Memory: TwinX1024-3200C2PRO (2 GB total - 4 modules)

SATA HDD: 2x WD360 Raptor, SATA, 73.4 GB Total (RAID 0)

IDE HDD: WD1200 Caviar, EIDE, 120 GB

Sound: SB Audigy 2 ZS (SB0350)

CDROM1: Plextor CD/DVDRW 16(4)/10(2.4)/40(12)X, PX-504A

CDROM2: Sony DVD/CD-ROM Player 16X/40X, DDU1612

Network: Integrated Intel ProSet LAN


Overclocking: NONE (It really isn't worth the risk!).


Here is the actual part number of the items I believe are bad:

2x CMX512-3200C2PRO


OK, so there you have it, what's next? Can I get an RMA for a replacement set based on this information? Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.




Bob Osika

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  • Corsair Employees


Intel makes a great MB so please do not take me wrong, but one issue with Intel Boxed MB's and or OEM systems is they do not give you all of the bios settings so you can tweak the settings like the Dim Voltage. However, if the MB you have a is a newer revison and with Bios Version P27 or newer you may have the option to set the Dim Voltage to 2.775 Volts. If so please set it.

If not I am sorry you may not get the system stable with 4 modules. In addition with 4 modules you would need to consider 48 Watts just for memory. So depending on your configuration you may need 450 Watt PSU or bigger.


All that being said I agree with maleko, in that testing the modules one up should be done to make sure one is not failing.

And all of the modules would need to be the exact same part# and revison with this platform as well. But please test the modules and lets make sure one is not failing. If all of the modules pass one up but the system is still not stable, please tell me the exact part# and revision of all of the modules.

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Dear RAMGUY and friend,


OK, well, thank you for the recommendations. However, please consider the following:


1). The Intel MB is not my original selection when I built my new system. The original MB was made by Gigabyte (GA-8KNXP), and that is where the problem first started. Ironically, the Intel MB was actually chosen BECAUSE there were less settings to tweak. I do not believe that the other hardware can be considered the culprit here, since the behavior is exactly the same using two different manufacturer's boards with your memory. Also, I have successfully tested both boards using the same 2 GB memory arrangement (4x512MB modules) using another brand of memory (which I will not mention here). The problem is definitely with at least one of the Corsair memory modules themselves.


2). I have already tried several different power supplies and am currently using an Antec unit. Plus, my computer works flawlessly unless I use my self-designated memory module "Set#2." Then, whether alone, or with the other pair, the random reboot/lock-up/crash phenomeon returns. In fact, as I previously indicated, the frequency of the problem increase when using only memory Set #2. So, a power supply problem is very unlikely.


3). I have been reluctant to mix and match the memory pairs (as indicated in my first posting). In fact, I have been very careful NOT to let that happen. Based on several different articles that I've read, it was my understanding that the modules are tested and 'certified' as a pair. Is this not correct? Presumably, there is some reason why they are marketed and sold as a "matched set." Right? Look, I'm no memory expert, and maybe it doesn't really matter all that much. But I am certain that one of modules in my second set is defective. Incidentally, all four memory modules bear the exact same markings (XMS3203v1.0 and some other numbers); they were purchased at the same time from the same vendor.


Now, if necessary and at your direction, I will mix and match the memory modules to isolate which one is bad, but that is not my preference. To be perfectly honest, I am tired of messing around with my computer. I'm tired of taking it apart to try this or that in an attempt to solve this problem. Plus I've already spent a ton of extra money on other replacement components: perhaps I was too naive in assuming that the memory was the most reliable component. Now, it isn't all bad, mind you, (my son thanks you here) because I've upgraded just about every machine in the house, and chasing this problem led directly to the creation of my son's new gaming machine. So it hasn't been a total loss. It has simply been disappointing.


My preference at this point would be for you to authorize an RMA for this pair of memory modules. Then, you can test them to determine which one is bad (I'm assuming that you have a more convenient way to accomplish this task). After that, you can either replace them with a new matched pair, or simply replace the lone defective module if that's all it takes. That would be most satisfactory to me.


Thank you for your recommendations and subsequent consideration of this request. I look forward to further guidance directly. Thanks again.





aka "iconbob"

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  • Corsair Employees

Bob the best I can offer would be to replace your modules for new pair, if you would like to try that!

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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Good Evening, RAM GUY!


Thank you. It would be most acceptable for you to test and replace or return the memory modules.


By the way, I very much understand that you folks have to scrutinize these requests for replacement items under warranty. With so many different combinations of hardware and software, it is often very difficult to determine what causes a particular problem. Plus there are a lot of people who insist on "playing" with their PCs, even though they don't really know what they are doing. I have "fixed" many PCs as result of someone else's "tinkering."


And believe me, after all I've read about you guys, I never really suspected a memory problem until all of the other possibilities were eliminated. In fact, I find that most hardware, unless it's the cheapy off-brand stuff, is pretty reliable across the board. But very often there is a driver or bios update or quirky setting that can really cause a lot of problems. Like all things, though, this has been a learning experience, and much of my assistance in troubleshooting this problem was derived from forums like this one.


Thank you for all your assistance (and understanding). I will follow the link directly to get the modules returned to you for evaluation. Hopefully, this will result in my receiving replacement units directly, thus ending what has become a very nagging problem. Thanks again!




Bob Osika

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