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Sort of confused about how keyboard lights can sync to audio


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I want to know if I can get my k70 to light up to the music playing through my headphones basically.


I have read a few threads about doing somethings in visual studio to emulate having a VOID headset but I would like to keep the headset I have already. On top of that I am not exactly sure if my keyboard will light up how I was thinking it may even if I did have a VOID audio headset.


So is there a way to make a K70 lux and and m65 light up to audio without having a corsair VOID headset? How do they light up? In response to audio just on the headset or is the keyboard also lit up in response to the audio?



If you can point me to the right direction on a guide on this somewhere in the corsair forums or anywhere on the internet that would be great. I have went around reading contradicting things, things i simply do not understand such as puting in a few lines of code in microsoft visual studio, ect.



Thanks for any support, ill continue my search and I'm sure someone already knows how I can do this but I thought I would try asking.




k70 LUX


sennhesier 598 HD (I do use a FIIO preamp I forget the model # and it isnt on the amp itsself)


PC specs

Windows 7 Home Preimum and just plain Ubuntu 16.04 (I boot to windows 7 90% of the time so just consider it windows. but if there is an easier solution on a linux system then I am up for any help.)

GTX 970

AMD 6350 Vishera

Vertex 128 gig SSD x2 1 TB black westerndigital HDDs

Gigabyte 90A mobo forget the whole model number

800watt power supply gold


Edit put in wrong/incomplete specs

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I think someone wrote a visualizer app before the option was included (for the VOID only) in CUE. I can't find the link right now however, and I don't recall if it was written for windows or Linux. Try searching for some keywords in this forum or even the CUE (especially in the SDK subforum): http://forum.corsair.com/v3/forumdisplay.php?f=267


Thanks for the pointer.

I actually vaguely recall this as well. I can't find it though! I will do a search on it in the meantime.


Basically just trying to get my K70 to light up to music.

Making a CUE setting that links up to your OS mixer so it lit up to lights of your speakers, headphones or even mic on the keyboard on the side for people that use speakers would be a cool feature. I think that's how VOID products work, though your mixer or mic to light up the headset and keyboard.

I found one video of a guy doing it with his k70 and I thought it was the neatest thing ever.


edit: my speakers JUST died (RIP 2010-2016) maybe its time to drop some money on some VOID speakers although I use headphones 90% of the time. Not exactly sure how it all works though, going to look that up as well.

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I'm wondering why Corsair hasn't added this to CUE. It seems like they're taking forever to really make CUE the software it could be. Thanks for this program.

They have already added it, but it works only with their headsets. I think it has something to do with Dolby licensing or something like that anyway.

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