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[Corsair Scimitar] Shift modifier + Keypad 5 problem


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So I purchased this mouse with the intent of utilizing it in World of Warcraft. In the game I use a lot of shift modifiers, and have owned Razer nagas before and they use either the numbers across the top of the keyboard or the numpad, so therefore I re-mapped all the side buttons to correspond with that of the ones on the numpad. I ran into an issue though, when using a Shift modifier keybind in the game it uses the second key of the numpad as if NumLock was turned off.


For example, in the game 7 on the side buttons of the mouse will come up as N7 (which means Numpad7) when I try to bind it with a shift modifier it will then become HM (which means Home).


I am ok with the fact that it will come up as HM and PU (page up) etc. (even though i would like it read SN7 (shift + numpad 7) instead of Home). But the only key it will not let me modify shift to is 5, which i have set to Numpad 5. I thought at first that it was because it doesnt have a secondary key for when numlock is turned off but I am able to use a shift modifier with / * - + and Enter.


I've googled and messed with the CUE software to the best of my novice ability, does anyone have any insight as to help me fix my problem


**added note**

For the time being I have just used / instead of 5, but for the sake of knowledge I would like to figure out why this key does not allow for a shift modifier but ctrl & alt are acceptable.


Thank you for your time.

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