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Corsair RM650 coil whine.


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About 8 months ago I submitted an RMA for my Corsair TX650 that was having stability issues. My PC was crashing and I received an RM650 since the TX was no longer available. It completely fixed my stability issues but now I have a lot of coil whine coming from the PSU. At first I thought it was my GPU, so I went through the trouble of going through two GTX 970s, one 1070 MSI Gaming X and now I just purchased a EVGA 1070 FTW and they all have the exact same coil whine. It starts as soon as the GPU needs to pull more power.


I just submitted an RMA for an express RMA, my ticket number is 6799180 but I was wondering is there a fairly common issue on the RM series? Would it be possible to upgrade to a "better" model less prone to coil whine? My 4 year old TX650 didn't whine and it's seriously the only noise coming from my PC as all my parts were purchased with silence in mind.


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is the coil whine coming from the PSU or the GPU? it is extremely unlikely that the PSU can be the cause for a GPU to produce coil whine. but both GPUs and PSUs can produce coil whine. get something like PCwizard to monitor the 12V and 5V currents of the computer. if they are within 3% of what they are supposed to be at high load, then it's not the PSU causing the GPU to produce coil.


do note that nvidia GPUs are very prone to coil whine. i had a total of 5 GTX 980 Ti cards, 3 of which had coil whine.

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