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Do the ML fans work properly when in a horizontal position?


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last summer I bought a H110i GT that was installed at the top of a Graphite 780T.


One of the things I noticed was that when I was gaming and the SP140L fans included were spinning up, they started to make a rattle/rumbling sound. I didn't mind the whooshing sound of the air, but they had this annoying rumble they made, when they spun at high RPM, even when I turn on the system and the fans spin up to max speed for a few seconds, they make this rumbling sounds.


I've isolated that the problem was with the fans as when I unplugged them when I could hear the noise, it would stop immediately. The only thing that seemed to fix it was to lay the case down in a horizontal position thus making the fan work vertically.


Indeed, when the fans are vertical there's no rattling/rumbling to be heard but when they are horizontal they do that. I've been in touch with support and have been through 6 different SP140L fans who have to a certain extent all exhibited this problem.


Now, with the ML series finally out, I was wondering if when in a horizontal position they have any rattling/rumbling noises. Again, I am fine with the sound of the air, but I can't stand the rattling/rumbling. Do the ML fans work properly when held horizontally?

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I think we are still waiting for the ML140 series to make it to market. In theory, the new fan should not have this issue. The problem you experienced is related to a certain bearing type (by many names) where the fan hangs outside of its ideal position when in the inverted orientation (upward flow only). It is also a bearing type used on the majority of fans on the market, so it can be a hard thing to avoid. With the new design, that friction in the upside down position should not exist, although I can see why you would want to wait for some first hand results.
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Well, I took the plunge and got a pair of ML140 pro.

After a week of use, I am more than satisfied with them. There's a night and day difference between the noise of those against the SP140L that come packed with the H110i GT.


When you boot your computer, the fans of the radiator spin at maximum speed for a couple seconds before settling down at their idle speed. With the SP140L this spin up at boot was ALWAYS accompanied by a rumbling sound. Like the fan was slipping over the bearing (apologies for the lack of a better description) with the ML you could hear a mosquito sneeze in the other room.

Any kind of RPM range I've tested so far, they are DEAD silent. I tried to ramp up, down, leave them at maximum speed for 20 minutes absolutely no annoying noises (rattling et similia).

The SP140L (and I went through 8 of them) had an annoying pulse at around 1400-1500ish RPM that would cause my whole desk to vibrate and when ramping down in speed sometimes they sounded like the death star tractor beam powering down after Obi-Wan deactivates it.


I've lost more time than I cared to admit getting the SP140L to work properly. When vertical, they are silent but horizontally in my experience they just didn't play nice. I spent hours tightening/loosening screws trying to find the sweet spot to no avail, guess there wasn't a sweet spot to find to begin with.


The ML140pro fixed any issue the SP140L ever had noise wise and I hope I didn't just jinx it with this post.

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