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The Air 240 and new GTX 1070s


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I'm picking parts for a relatively compact AM4 build, and have found conflicting/confusing information regarding the Air 240's interior dimensions.


For my choice of GPU, the EVGA 1070 FTW is 128.524mm tall, and the Non-FTW version is 111.252mm tall. Both cards are 266.7mm long.


Will the FTW card fit with its extra height? If so, will it fit comfortably, or would it scrape against the side of the case and bend the power cables? The Non-FTW version doesn't extend past the top of the PCIe bracket, so I assume it would fit fine in that dimension.


Will either card fit lengthwise with an H100i installed in the front of the Air 240? The Corsair product page for the 240 lists 330mm and 290mm as max GPU length, depending on whether you look at the Overview or Tech Spec page.


If the empty length of the case is 330mm, and I use the H100i(30mm radiator) with 25mm-thick fans, I would have 275mm of space remaining. This would give 8.3mm of lengthwise clearance with either card - Tight, but not impossible. Am I looking at the right numbers? Does anybody have similar hardware they can measure or check for fit?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Gigaflop, I recently tried to fit the EVGA 1070 FTW in the Air 240 and it will not fit. The card is flush with the window leaving no room (at all) for power. Looks like a bigger sized Micro ATX case will be needed for the FTW card. Good luck!
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