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2100 ear cups cleaning?


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Has anyone cleaned their ear pieces before?

If so, how did you clean them?

Can I throw them in the washer with my clothes?


Also, how can you clean the inner blue piece?

What do you clean that with? Its stuck to the headphones themselves.


My ear pieces are starting to get a little ripe.




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Well, I tried machine washing (with just a blanket, on soft wash), then set them in front of a fan (so as not to ruin the plasticy pieces that hold them on the cups), and it took the stink out, but it didnt really clean them. There are still hair and white specs in them (probably a combo of dust, kleenex, and ear wax, ewwwww).


Next time I will try the hand wash, as I know now that washing them, as long as you dont put them in the dryer, works just fine.

Althouogh, when I put them back on the cups, they didnt seem to fit my ears like they did from the factory, but I can just rotate them til they fit right.


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Unfortunately, everything is embedded into the cups.

I did try vaccuming them out, but everything stubbornly stayed put.

I will need to use an old toothbrush to get all the hairs, dust, and wax out of them.


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