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3 different K70 keyboards?


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Hi there guys! I'm a bit confused right now.

There is 3 different K70 RGB keyboards - "usual" K70 RGB, K70 LUX RGB AND on top of that we have a K70 RGB (Limited Edition). You can call me dumb, but honestly I think it's confusing.

Not only that, but we also have "Corsair Vengeance" and "Corsair Gaming" brands. :sigh!:


I ordered K70 RGB 10 hours ago but today Corsair tweeted about LUX versions so I decided to check it out. I made some research and it looks like K70 LUX RGB version is better than usual K70 RGB in every possible way, and is also cheaper! I cancelled my order since I see no reason to buy non-LUX K70 RGB now, and decided to ask for your advice.


So, my questions are:

1. What's the difference between K70 RGB, K70 RGB (Limited Edition) and K70 LUX RGB exactly?

2. What's the difference between Corsair Vengeance and Corsair Gaming brands?

3. Is it worth to wait and buy LUX version instead of the usual one?

4. Will LUX version be available in Russia any time soon? I have a birthday 20th of July and I'm not sure if it'd be better to wait or just order the US version (don't really need Cyrillic symbols anyway).

5. I also wanted to purchase M65 PRO RGB mouse, do you guys plan to release an upgraded version of it too?

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1. Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

- First keyboard under the Corsair Gaming branding


Vengeance K70 RGB(Limited Edition)

- Same as the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB but instead of the now defunct logo, it shipped with the sails logo instead.



- Lighting Controller that is the same as the STRAFE RGB (better than the K70 RGB)

- STRAFE keycaps

- USB Passthrough


2. Nothing. Before Corsair Gaming, basically the peripherals were released as Vengeance M90/K90/V2000, etc.


3. Yes.


5. If i recall correctly, the M65 PRO RGB only came out this year.

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I can't add much to the above and I can't help you with #4 either. However, I do own both the older M65 RGB (laser) and a M65 RGB PRO (optical). On a daily basis, I am hard pressed to tell any difference between the two, although I do use a different mouse surface for laser mice as opposed to optical. If you have a preference for one sensor type or the other, than you know what to do. If not, I wouldn't worry about it. Some of the M65 Pro RGB models (laser) may have the short lived "Wings" logo. All the M65 PRO models will have the sailboats. Make sure 'RGB' is on the box or it is one of the much older M65 Vengeance models.


I would hold out for the LUX version of the keyboard. I have had three come across my desk in the last several weeks. My only issue has been deciding which one to keep.

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