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Vengeance C70 availability/Enquiry


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I've been wanting to purchase a Vengeance C70 in Military Green as an upgrade to my current case. The problem is that I am unable to find any store in Australia that has it in stock or available to order. There are a few gunmetal black cases around, like at PC Case Gear. And a few other retailers I have spoken with said they have not had any in stock for over the past year. (as of yet, PCCG hasn't replied to my enquiry)


Just wondering if they are still available, in general terms. Or have been wound-down/discontinued as there is another thread here hinting about upcoming releases, but no additional info just yet. Or just in Australia at least, I see them on Amazon for $178.50 + $196.75 shipping (AUD) and Newegg ends up being a tad more expensive again.


Thanks for your time!

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