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Brand New Corsair VOID RGB Wireless - Charging woes.


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I just received my brand new headset yesterday. Before bed last night, I plugged it all in, downloaded and installed the software... and everything seemed to work great. Even did I quick voice chat test with my son via Steam. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Then I powered it down, and left it alone all night and today to fully charge.


However, the light on the microphone has been pulsing orange all day today. My understanding is that it is supposed to turn green when it is fully charged. But nothing seems to be happening. It's been plugged in for almost 24 hours.


When I tried to turn the headset on, all the RGB lights come on, and the light on the microphone turned red and started flashing really fast. After a few seconds, the unit shut itself off.


I have tried charging via multiple USB ports (both usb 2.0 and 3.0). Right now, I am trying to charge directly from my wall adapter that I have for my phone. Still, the orange microphone light just pulses steadily on and off.


What am I doing wrong? :confused:

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Well after much frustration, cable switching, port switching, and hair pulling. I figured out what the problem was... ME! LOL!


Apparently, when I set up the headphones, the night before, I also turned off all the lighting effects by mistake too. I don't remember doing this... although I do remember quickly fiddling with settings in CUE for about a minute or two.


Anyway, when I powered the headphones on, the lights would flash quickly for a moment and then the headset would go dark. I mistakenly thought that the headphones were shutting off because all the lights would shut off. But alas, the headphones where actually on, and working properly... they were just dark because I had turned all the lighting off in CUE the night before (without realizing what I had done).


Anyway, TLDR: Headphones work great... and I'm a moron. Sorry to trouble everyone. ;):

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