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Keys not responding, lights are cycling through default settings at set intervals


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I'm having a problem with my keyboard. The cords are plugged into two USB ports on the computer. My mouse is plugged into the USB port at the front of the keyboard and is working properly. No key presses are working and nothing is being typed onto the screen. The lights on the keyboard are cycling through an fps color scheme, a rainbow color scheme, and a moba color setting at set intervals. This started happening after my computer was suddenly turned off and the keyboard was dropped onto carpet floor. I bought the keyboard about a week or two ago and when I first got it I encountered the 'no device detected' error but that has since been fixed by me switching the polling rate. Help would be appreciated.
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Could be demo mode.

Have you tried unplugging it and replugging the keyboard?

Have you tried the computer on another computer? Does it work fine?


Yes I have tried unplugging, and plugging the keyboard back in again.

It did not work when I plugged it in to a different computer.

If it is on demo mode how would I turn demo mode off?

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