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Costum RGB profile problem

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Hey guys,


I have a problem with my k70 rgb rapidfire. When I import a constum profile like poison.prf it doesent show the lighting and there is no entry at the modus list or at the effect list. I checked some threads with the same problem, but there is no solution. I also reinstalled the corsair utility engine.


Its the newest version 1.16.42 and its running on windows 10. I also set the costum profile as standard profile but it doesent work. Only the default profile works with some standard lighting like "wave or rainbow".


I would really like to make some costum profiles work.


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Yes, I am sure that I imported K70 specific custom profiles. I searched at the corsair forum side for the custom profiles.


Do you have another idea why it is not working?


I used this custom profile.


K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE files, not K70 RGB. They are two different things. As far as i know, that profile is not available in the RAPIDFIRE format on RGB SHARE, but you can definitely get it off the forums in RAPIDFIRE format. I recommend sticking to the forums until RGB share is caught up to date on RAPIDFIRE and LUX formats. Me and Schwitz update are files here on the forums.

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