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Sticky Space Bar, Need help fixing


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Backstory: About 2-3 months ago I woke up and spilled apple juice all over my K70 RGB keyboard. :[pouts: I go through all the cleaning procedures with the rubbing alcohol and the straw.

I plug her in and everything seems be working fine. There are a few keys that are not 100% but work well enough for me. The only thing messed up is the space bar. I can push it, but it gets stuck once pushed and I have to manually pull it up. I believe that the little metal bar that runs underneath the body has some sticky gunk on it.


Problem: I don't want to ruin the keyboard trying to open this thing to clean the little bar under the space bar.


(I also apologize if this same post has been on here before, I just want precise instructions that go with my problem. Dont want to mess this up!)


Thanks! :biggrin:


Solution: I soaked it for 30minutes and then took all the screws apart and scrubbed all the junk out! Works like a charm now!

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Thanks for the quick reply!


So you are telling me to put the whole unit in a container of rubbing alcohol? That seems like a bad idea to a noob like me.




Just soak it for 20 mins or so. It will give the alcohol time to remove whatever is causing the sticky key.


As long as you give it a day or so to dry off all the rubbing alcohol should evaporate. I would recommend at least 70%. I usually use 99%


Or you can just take you keyboard apart and clean the junk off. Idk which way you would find easier.

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