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H100iv2 versus H115i


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Which is the better option? The v2 version of the H100i has gotten a lot of positive press as being an update and redesign of the 240mm radiator system, but would the 280mm H115i still give me better cooling?


The case I'm using is the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, which I believe will hold either as a top radiator.


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Theoretically a 280mm radiator will give better cooling because it can conduct more total heat. But, in reality, considering most CPU's today use relatively mild overall power levels (compared to yesteryear), there probably won't be much difference between the two. If you read professional reviews on these AIO's, the 240 and 280's are neck-and-neck until they really begin overclocking (and over-volting) the CPU hard. This makes sense as increasing the voltage increases the power (heat) load. A larger radiator will perform better in such an instance.


A good example is using AIO's to cool GPU's. Many GPU's require far more wattage than a CPU yet many people get by just fine with a 120mm radiator cooling their graphics card (and also decrease the GPU temp by 30C by doing so).


At the end of the day, if price isn't a factor, just go with the 280mm. Your case will have no issue with it. Also, a larger radiator will allow you to run your fans at a lower RPM for the same cooling relative to a 240mm.

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