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VOID Wireless headset - no sound after install


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Hi, I'm having an issue with my headset that I can't seem to resolve through googling.


Basically, I bought it new today and have installed the dongle, the CUE application, the latest firmware, and of course have rebooted my machine. I set the headset as the default playback device also, following advice I read elsewhere.


My computer can see it, and believes it to be behaving normally. It's listed, and volume levels move around when I'm playing anything with sound. The headset itself is switched on, has lights flashing for the battery, and makes a small beeping noise when I mute and unmute it. This makes me fairly confident that it isn't that they're just broken.


Basically, I think my PC has somehow confused itself with how to distribute sound despite the default setting. I've restarted several times to no avail.


Any ideas, help or support would be greatly appreciated.


NB - I wondered if it might have something to do with the CUE conflicting with Realtek Audio which manages my speakers?

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Just to save anyone the bother of thinking about this, I worked it out. I did a firmware update just after installing and the headset and dongle became d/ced without me knowing. I hooked them back together and it now works.


Thanks to anyone who gave it some thought, anyway.

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