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M65 Pro Not detected on Windows or CUE


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Hey all I just turned on my PC and my M65 Pro wont be detected by Windows (W10 64bit) or CUE. After uninstalled the drivers I re-plugged in the mouse and it opened windows file explorer and came up with a folder called "CRP DISSABLED" the mouse LEDs are off and nothing works buttons, sensor etc. No matter which type of usb port I try (3.0, 2.0) it will not work. I got it a week ago and only now has it had this problem. I also tried it on another PC running windows 7 64bit and it could not install the drivers for some reason. Also when I got it I updated the firmware straight away and it was working perfectly. I think its a firmware problem but I really don't know to be honest. any help would be appreciated.



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