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Void USB Mic Not Working


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So I was playing Counter-Strike when I realized no one could hear me. I did all of the mic tests steam has, and even some online ones. I restarted my pc, reinstalled my drivers, and obviously, checked the mic wasn't muted. I went into CUE to see if I could try and fix it in there, but I was clueless. Any help?


I can hear myself in t he mic by the way^

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I have purchased a VOID 7.1 carbon USB.


- When I have issue of mic not working I unplug and replug the mic. I'm using USB extension cord 2m. USB 2.0. This works for me.


- On the windows software prefs. I think you should set your Corsair, has playback and recording as default.


- And if you have any hardware that uses mic. such as Webcam you could go to it's properties and disable it or at least change it's settings in a way not to interfere. In this case the options I mean are also on Windows sound configuration. When you open it you'll find all the hardware that uses speakers or mic. Any of this hardware can interfere with Corsair mic.

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