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CMD8GX3M4A1600C8 and vishera?


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I bought this kit for my i7 some time ago

Dominator® — 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMD8GX3M4A1600C8)


Unfortunately, my motherboard died recently. Some parts of the system (including the rams I'm enquiring about... and my corsair power supply :)) are fine.


I can't really aford a completely new system as of now, especially as I plan on buying a whole new computer in the not so distant future (not within months though).


Still, I'd like to be able to play my games and My laptop ain't powerful enough for my work as of now(I'm a developper, and I sometimes have to work from home). It works, but let's just say I clearly feel the difference.


I am planning on buying stuff good enough to wait until I actually get a new PC.


My kit is a 1.65v one that was perfecly fine with intel nehalem. I know it's not recommended to use rams with more than 1.5v with sandy bridge and later CPU's as far as intel is concerned.


So I though... as the only things I have to buy are CPU & Ram, why not go with an AMD rig? I was planning to make this computer a media center once replaced, so while amd cpu aren't that great nowadays compared to intel's, that would be well enough for that purpose in the long run.


Still... the issue is that, while intel clearly specifies the maximum voltage for ram, I found this information pretty hard to figure for amd cpus...


I'd like to know whether theses rams would be okay for an AMD cpu, something vishera (probably fx 6000 or 8000 series, I've seen some pretty cheap fx8000e cpus with my local offers with motherboard that are cooler than their non e counterparts, and that would be within my budget).


I know it would probably even work with an intel chip but as stated above I'd like to keep this computer in the long run as a media center, so I want to use ram within specifications. (i.e. not buying an haswell chip to use older ram that have too much voltage as far as intel spec are concerned). Does anyone know where to find specs for amd CPU? Any official compatibility info from corsair about those rams regarding amd?


If I have to, I can buy a phenom II or something like this second hand, but I'll buy a new motherboard anyway. Is vishera an option or should I look for a second hand phenom II?

(I considered buying a new x58 motherboard but those are long gone, and unfortunately it seems a lot of those board seem to not age well if at all...)


Thanks for your advice

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Maybe I should have mentionned that the CPU seems to have died too:sigh!:. I tried testing it on a friend's computer, no boot. Not saying it is 100% dead (maybe a bios update was needed or something), but it doesn't look so good. And I know for a fact that if I have to buy something off ebay, I won't be able to return it if the cpu is indeed dead. Well, there are exceptions, of course, but that's far from being a given. I'm not sure an i7 950 is really worth the risk to be honest.

(I can confirm the board is dead though given its burnt look here and there :D:)


I'm not saying there is a problem in x58 boards in general but... of the 7 x58 boards I know of in my relatives, six of them died (mine being the latest). And none were overclocked or anything, just stock frequencies and voltages everywhere. Dunno, this rate seems pretty high to me, maybe they're more sensitive to stuff, I don't know. And looking through this on google also gave me the impression I wasn't alone in that case. But that might be a mistake though. Anyway... Back to the issue here.

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