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USB extension cord for VOID 7.1 USB


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I would like to know if anyone can help me on this one.


- I like to connect my headset through the back of my PC and aroun the table coming on my left side. PC stys on my right.


- Because of this the cable is short (most corded headsets give more then 180.m about 2.50.m.


- For this purpose I have bought a standard USB 2.0 cable but I belive ther's a loss on Overall Sound volume. I think the sound is reaching lower levels with USB extension cord.


- I'm aware that an analog Headset will probably deliver more raw power becasuse it connects directly through the sound card. I know that usually full USB connection means that it goes through a decoding process which can translate in some kind of loss. Often sound power.




- I would like to know if you can suggest me any kind of USB extension that will translate less power loss (sound, "(not mic)"). I'm not worried about price. I want a powerfull sound. I like stuff working as good as it can be.




Thank you all for your time



Francisco Bacelar Fernandes

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