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Overwatch Cooldown display

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Hey guys! I just got the strafe rgb keyboard, and it's my first rgb so I have a noob question, is it possible to create a profile where first: my keyboard changes the default lighting effect, like from rainbow spiral into rainbow wave, back and forth ? And most importantly is it possible to have a profile in which when I press 'e' and 'l-shift' keyboard would somehow change the color drasticly after 6 sec so I can notice while playing that my ability is off cooldown. So it would be a default profile with those rainbows constantly changing but whenever I press 'e' or 'lshift' keyboard would go all green for a sec after 6 sec of pressing, with different colors for both keys. I'd be very grateful if someone would give me some tips on how to make it cause software seems to be kind of tough to get into. Thanks, and sorry for my english or if it's not the place to ask about it.
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