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GA-8KNXP Problem w/new corsair memory, HELP


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Hi hope you can help me, I have a GA-8KNXP v1 runing optimized default bios with 2 x 512 ddr400 ram of Samsung in dual channel in dimm 1 and 4, P4 2.6 800 FSB,it was runing fine until I bought another 2 x 512 ddr400 of Corsair value select, when I install the two new sticks in dimm 2 and 4 to run in dual channel my computer keeps re-booting over and over, XP never loads not even from the instal disk of XP, if I remove the new ram the computer then restarts but then my OS is not stable and when I try to start in safe mode it will simply lock up, I then have to re install my OS. Any help or sugestions would be greatly appreciated, I have already send the first set of new ram back and got another set thinking that maybe the ram was bad.

Thank you for any help,


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There seems to be too much of a difference between the Corsair and

Samsung Modules to run them together.

Like I said mixing different brands with Corsair in most cases usually does'nt work, depending on the system.


This becomes harder to do with 4 sticks.

You could try to manually set the timings to the pair with the highest latency

and bump the Dimm voltage to 2.7.

I doubt they'll run together though.


If you want to run 2GB of RAM, I'd suggest getting 4 of the same modules.

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