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Void 7.1 USB: first impressions/suggestions


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I have noticed two things I would like too see fixed in the future.


The first request maybe more important then the second one.


- Please make USB cables 3/4 meters long.


- In my personal opinion the ear pads are little bit hot (i noticed this in the summer in Oporto Portugal).


I would like to add one more request regarding the software interface for, "Corsair, Gaming headset - VOID 7.1 USB.


- I've been enjoying a lot this headset, it has very good quality sound and mic. as well.


- But regarding the "Corsair utility engine", I would like to know if it is possible or if it will be added later an option on the "Equalizer" presets, the option to actually add new sets without having to delete or edit the existing presets from "Corsair" .


Thank you all for your time.



- Even more I have noticed and I confirm that the mic has some issues about when to be ready for action, but I do think that it can be user configuration or maybe this headset is too complex.


Francisco Bacelar Fernandes

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Thank you for the suggestions and I will forward this information to our PM. As for the equalizer, you can actually adjust it to your own liking with the software.


- Stiil about the Equalizer ...


Yes I've noticed but I want to be hable to have as many eq. presets as I want.

- You would only need to add a scroll otion on the for the equlizer presets window ... ggg ( I design web pages so I think I have an ideia about how this stuff works )

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