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Product suggestion: PCI/PCIe slot fan bracket


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Hi, wonderful people of Corsair. I know you all are always looking to improve, so I thought I'd throw out a suggestion.


Lots of users are water-cooling their graphic cards while using Corsair AIOs, but they don't always use the HG10 bracket: either they use 3rd-party mounts or the especially daring just use zipties.


But, that leaves VRM & VRAM cooling very weak. The obvious solution is just to stick a fan next to the GPU, but how? A long time ago, these were relatively popular:






These allow direct cooling to hot components. And, as we know, the best way to reduce temperatures is to place more fans closer to hot things! It would be a great case accessory, too, I think.


Or maybe this is terrible and nobody would buy it. Haha, but for single-GPU users who have room to spare on ATX cases (which I think is a vast majority of users), it's a great addition.

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