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H100i v2 pump not working?


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I got the H100i v2 two weeks ago.

Today I updated my BIOS and after that the CPU wasn't cool anymore :D

It hit a hundred degrees and the hoses and the radiator were cold.

Corsair Link showed, I think about 1300 rpm for the pump.

When I listened closely i could hear a very short water sound when I turned the computer on, not even a second long. After that there was no sound or vibration.


I connected the pump cable to the water pump plug on the mainboard and turned it to 100% permanent in the BIOS. Corsair link was set to quiet.


I connected the fans to the cpu fan plugs and they were BIOS controlled. It worked very well for two weeks and suddenly stopped.

I tried other profiles in corsair link, the cpu fan plug for the pump and the fans on the y-cord from the pump.


Is it possible that the pump is broken when it shows rpm?


Is it possible to plug the fans in elsewhere and not at the y-cord from the pump, or could this be the reason for a malfunctioning pump?


Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english :D


PS: Are there many Issues with corsair link?

What if I don't install it, what will it be set to?

And if I don't install it and connect the fans elsewhere than the y-cord plugs from the pump?

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Did you get this fixed? I'm getting the same thing. Roughly 2 weeks as well.


I am not sure how the original poster slipped through the cracks, but he or she was likely experiencing a contact issue between the cold plate and CPU lid. See the 'hoses are cold/hit 100C' [sic] line. That is one of the common problems -- a micro-gap between the pieces. You won't get heat transfer into the cooler (coolant temps stay low) but CPU core temps are instantly and alarmingly high for simple tasks. If this describes your situation, let us know and we can take it from there.


The other common problem is a "flow problem". This can be a failing pump or some sort of blockage in the system. Your CPU temps will seem fine at cold boot, but they steadily and continuously rise the longer you are up and running. After applying any sort of load, the H100i Temp (coolant temperature) will shoot up and stay elevated. Increasing fan speed will not be effective. Since your water/coolant temp is effectively your baseline CPU core temperature, you will then have elevated temps at idle as well. Most people first notice this when their CPU temps start off normal, but then idle in the upper 40's after an hour or two of web browsing.


See which one of these fit your situation (or not).

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I notice that it says "Today I updated my BIOS" and "I connected the fans to the cpu fan plugs and they were BIOS controlled. It worked very well for two weeks and suddenly stopped." is it possible that the bios update caused a problem or just revealed a prior problem, such as a faulty temp reading?
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