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I think your keyboard are very cool but I come through this to tell you the problems I’m having with Corsair Brasil support.

I’ve bought a k70RGB (CH-9000118-BR) and I took forever to reach my adress , when it did, the product was not working properly so I called the customer support at (http://rma.suporte-corsair.com.br) and after that I spent another 30 days waiting for the new keyboard to substitute the one I’ve got, the guarantee covers the exchange of the product, good, but after all that waiting – I’ve received the wrong model of keyboard (i’ve payed for the K70 rgb and they sent a Strafe , which is way less expensive than the one I payed for !). Anyway , this less expensive keyboard had the same problem (the lights don’t sincronize properly).

AGAIN, I’ve called them asking for an emergencial contact on friday 07/01, but I never got an answer.

I’ve asked to exchange the model for various other models with the Brazilian Portuguese standard , and never got an answer. I’m available to visit the Corsair BR to run a test of the keyboard (because apparently , your support people here don’t do it) and do the exchange , but no answer as well.

Whats the use of paying tons of Money for good products if your support sucks so hard? Is it your standard or this is just the problem with your operations in Brazil?

How are we gonna fix this Corsair?

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Tks everyone.

After my protests on Facebook, the support of Corsair Brazil came to a solution.

Not exactly what i wanted, but it's something.

They will replace my k70 for an strafe and an HydroColler H75.

It's not what i wanted but i cant complain.

Anyway, Tks Again!


Not exactly sure how Corsair Brazil handles support, but if you have some kind of number like a ticket number. Post it here and someone from Corsair may be able to help you.
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