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Psu noisy only if xmp profile is activated.


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as title says whenever i activate xmp(which i need to unlock the ram to their stock frequency) the psu start doing some irritating noise and i'm starting to get worried about it.


in the bios i had a voice purple with xmp (imc voltage,) i changed to the default value, everything is stable but the psu is noisy.


The psu is a Corsair Vs650


mobo p7p55d deluxe


cpu i5 750


gpu r9 280x


ram crucial ballistix sport 2x4gb@1600 mhz


should i Rma already?

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Can you describe the type of noise you're hearing or upload a recording of the noise? If you're able to upload a good recording of it then that would help out tremendously in trying to figure out what is causing the sound.


If it's a high-pitch buzzing sound then it could be 'Coil Whine'. There are videos and recordings on YouTube that you can use to compare it to. Unfortunately there aren't many things that can be done about coil whine aside from replacing the component making the noise (PSU) or another component that may be causing the conditions (RAM - maybe use a different frequency of RAM). Technically there are ways to reduce or even eliminate the noise being created but I can't recommend them as it requires disassembly of the PSU which is an electrocution hazard (it can easily kill you) and it would void any and all warranty.


There are other things that could be producing or causing the conditions for the noise. A quick search found this on the Forums- http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=85166


The XMP profile changes more then just the frequency and timings of the RAM, it affects the CPU and memory controller as-well (the controller is actually on the die of your CPU model). You could try manually setting the same RAM specs in the BIOS if your motherboard supports it OR swap out your RAM for 1333Mhz instead of 1600Mhz as it's the highest frequency that is native to your memory controller. You won't realistically see a performance difference between the two if you use your PC for Gaming and daily tasks. Unless you use a CPU with integrated GPU that uses the RAM as VRAM which will benefit from higher frequencies or if you do video rendering/encoding. However your's doesn't have an iGPU and you have a discrete GPU instead.

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