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My problem with Corsair


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I have never ever had to deal with a company as bad as Corsair, how they stay in business beats me, let me explain.


4 years ago I built a computer using an AX750 PU bought in the UK from a UK supplier. well the unit packed up a few days ago so decided to send it back under the 7 year warranty.


Some hope, Corsair DO NOT have any returns facility in the UK only a shipping service which Corsair REFUSE to give a telephone number or address for

On live chat just they suggested I rang (at my expense ) them in the USA.

To make matters even worse they wanted me to supply a purchase invoice ,which I would include it the return parcel and expect me to give them my credit card details so they could scam me into paying for a replacement.


Yes I got one of their Ticket numbers but I was unable to email the invoice at the time.


Even the reputable company (Scan computers) refused to accept it back even though that is where I got it from


The cost of doing all this outweighs the value of the product. No way it it worth sending back to the USA which they expect me to pay for I guess


All I can say is that if they were a UK company our trading standards inspectors would be taking a very close look at how they opperate

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Yes, we do have an RMA depot in the UK. No, it is not a "shipping service". They're just like any other RMA depot. They take in the old item and ship out the replacement - all from the same location. Even if that depot didn't exist, you wouldn't be asked to send it to the USA. There's an RMA depot in the Netherlands.


The agent on live chat didn't refuse to give you the phone number for the UK - they told you we don't have a support team in the UK. As for giving out the depot address, we don't give it out before hand as we don't want people to send in items without their RMAs being approved. Yes, it's happened. Some people have just sent in items without a ticket number at all.


Live chat told you that you could call the the support dept in the USA for free by using Skype if you wanted. However, there's generally no reason to do that unless you want to set up an express RMA. There's probably other ways to call a toll free USA number from the UK for free, but I personally don't know of them. Google Voice/Hangouts maybe?


I don't see anywhere in your tickets or chat where anyone asked you for your credit card or mentioned an express RMA (which is the only reason we'd need it), so I don't know where all of this credit card stuff came up in your chat and your post. Where DID this come from?


Yes, a proof of purchase (receipt / invoice) is required for an RMA. If you don't have it you can ask SCAN for a PDF copy of it. They handle these requests all the time. Once you have it you can attach it to your ticket (look at the bottom of your ticket for the attachment area). We don't ask for it to be put in the return parcel.




So here's what I'd recommend. If you have your receipt, attach it to the ticket (6793196). The support agent should then respond back to the ticket within 24 hours or so. If you don't have the receipt, get a copy from SCAN and then attach it to the ticket. Once your RMA has been approved you'll get a link in your email (and it will also be at the top of your ticket). That link has all of the RMA instructions you'll need. If you have further questions you can of course ask them on live chat or on the ticket. Follow the instructions and send in the PSU.

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