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Carbide Air 540 fan setup


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Hello guys,


This is my first post here

I just bought my first air 540 case and i have some issues with cooling setup

In front i have Corsair H110 cooling my GTX 770 GPU (pull setup)

On top i have Corsair H100i cooling my CPU 4690k (push setup)

The only other thing left is the 140mm fan in the back

How should i put it to maximize my cooling ? Push or pull ? positive or negative pressure ?


Currently my temps are the following :


35% load CPU 40-45 celsius, H100i reports 32 celsius (fans set on 2000rpm)

GTX 770 30 celsius, fans set to max 1500rpm


Have to mention that i have SP120PWM fans and a Kraken G10 for the GPU


Thanks in advance for helping me out


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You have water cooling for both the CPU and GPU. Those two components should not have temperature issues. So what needs cooling? Are you having trouble with other component temperatures? I think you are running your fans harder than needed at the moment. Relax them a little and see how much temperature rise you get. Right now you are so massively cooler than anyone else on air or even others on water.


I wouldn't worry too much about push vs pull. With some fans, push is a little quieter. It might be 2-3C cooler, but that is negligible if you prefer the look of the radiator vs the fans, or vice-versa.

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Sorry, i am abit of a perfectionist

I will try to explain


Currently the H110 is pulling air inside the case trough the front, the air is coming inside already heated due to passing trough the rad.

The same air get's hotter by the motherboard and hard drives and it's exhausted trough the H100i in the top which has a higher temp


The question is how can i help improve on this

Would exhausting air trough the back help cooling the air inside by creating a vacuum like negative pressure ?

Or would pushing cold air from the back of the case help by lowering abit the temp inside the case, hence cooling more the H100i on the top/cpu ?


Thank you

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Aside from changing the GPU radiator to a rear exhaust 140mm? Not a lot. Don't get caught up in the negative vs positive pressure stuff. You can set your front H110 fans to higher speed while gaming to try and force more air toward the back. This won't do much for the drives down below, but might help CPU temperatures.


It might be better to see how much there is for you to gain. We have some different hardware, but my Air 540 is set-up to have the lowest possible internal temperatures and I only have one radiator in the roof.


Take some temp readings at idle: room temperature, motherboard temperature, drive temperature, CPU temp, H100i Temp (water temp). You can ignore GPU idle temp - it's too model and voltage specific and will be higher than any air temp anyway.


Also take the same readings after gaming or something stressful you normally do. Don't bother with stress testing. It doesn't represent a real world use. The comparisons will not be perfect, but this is aimed toward giving you an idea of what is possible without the radiator. You may not be able to improve very much or your current temps may be better than you think.

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Unfortunately can't change the radiator .. don't have another one and i wouldn't go for a smaller one, these GPU's tend to get pretty hot during gaming sessions

I used to run on air and had 70 celsius on GPU

Considering going to a 360 AIO with open loop to put both CPU and GPU

Something like EK Predator or Fractal Kelvin S36

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I don't know that you need to change the radiator. The advantage of water cooling both the GPU and CPU is you get very cold temperatures on that hardware. There are no improvements needed there. The disadvantage may be an increase in other hardware temperatures. What I was offering was a way to compare the other hardware temps to another 540 without the radiator limitation to see if how much of a temperature penalty you are suffering, if any.
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