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"USB device not recognized" After I unplugged it.


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So I have had the Strafe RGB for almost 5 months. I unplugged it to clean, like I always do. I just get a cotton swab and a little bit of glass cleaner and rub the top of the keys I use the most.


After around 5 minutes of me cleaning I plugged the keyboard back in. The indicator lights and the lights on the side work, however I am not able to type on the keyboard, and the utility engine can not detect it either. I have tried so many things, including putting it on my brothers computer.


At one point I actually managed to keys red with the white WASD and arrow keys. Soon it went blank. I even rolled back my PC and still nothing. I don't know if it is a software issue or somehow my keyboard is broken, but I use it for my job and there is no way I can manage to use the on screen keyboard much longer. Kind of disappointing I spent this much on a keyboard in the first place.

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