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Corsair Void headset causing sound bug


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This is most likely in the wrong place, but I don't see a place for headsets, so I'm putting it with the other gaming hardware.


Anyways, This strange thing has been happening every once and a while for quite a long time now, for almost as long as I have owned the headset.


I'll explain the problem first: sometimes, my headset will stop producing sound, and I will then go to look at my sound icon in the bottom hotbar of windows 7, and it shows that the sound is stuck playing at one constant level. Any videos of any kind will freeze entirely and stop playing.


How I've been fixing it up to this point: I just unplug and re-plug in my USB for the headset. This has become less and less effective.


It used to be that I just couldn't go upstairs with my headset or this would happen, now it seems that every time I go anywhere in the house except my computer it happens.

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