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M65 Custom sidegrip MOD


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IF you guys would like for me to make a detailed how to for this mod or how to take the mouse apart please let me know.


I'll first start off with what I like about the M65. I am part of the fingertip grip Master-Race minority and thus are very particular about my mice because there are very few options. Coming from the CM spawn this mouse is a bit bigger but still feels comfortable. It also tracks very well and I loved the grippiness of the side grips.

However within a week the soft sandpaper like grit had worn away. I don't know if this has happen to other people but I was left with the slick plastic underneath. I found this very hard to grip and often would strain my hand gaming after a while. Instead of buying another mouse I thought i'd fix this. I disassembled my mouse to separate the sidegrips and tried to remedy situation. At first I sprayed them with truckbed liner.




This worked great and felt nice and grippy. However in about 3 weeks I could tell it was already wearing down. I've never had a problem but I don't know if I have particularly acidic sweat or what. I then disassembled it again. Sanded the remaining truckbed liner. Then sprayed primer beforetruck bed liner again. This helped slightly and extended the time before deterioration by a few weeks.


So I took the mouse apart one again and cleaned all of the primer and truck bed liner off. Finally I added grip tape. This has worked out fantastic. It's very flexible and soft, yet textured and grippy.





It's a shame that the grippiness that come stock wears away so easy. Let me know if you guys have had this same experience. Let me know what you guys think. Again if you guys would like a detailed how-to for this mod or disassembly let me know.




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