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[M65 RGB] Issue with remapping

was JLP

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A few days ago my remappings on my mouse stopped working. I had mouse button 5 (top side button) mapped to left ctrl and mouse button 4 (bottom side button) mapped to left shift. I already tried remapping the buttons again with no response at all. I tried to making macros for the buttons but they wouldn't register. I thought the buttons may be physically damaged but when I set the buttons to their default mappings, forwards and backwards, they work fine I tried to remap them to do other things, such as other keypresses, other functions but there was no response when I had mappings apart from the default settings for the side buttons. I am running CUE v1.16.42 and I have forced a firmware update through the software.


Any help or advice as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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