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Having issues with corsair 1GB memory & BIOSTAR K8NHA PRO Mobo!


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The following is the brand of memory I have installed on my PC. It's a

" Corsair 1GB DDR400 200MHZ CAS: 2.5-3-3-8, SINGLE CHANNEL (64 BIT)." The model # is: "VS1GBKIT400" it's running with a Athlon64 3200+ 2.2 Ghz Chip. I haven't done anything to the settings for CPU or Memory in my BIOS, & no Overclocking either, everything is defualt settings for CPU & memory.


My mobo model is "K8NHA PRO" it only has 2 memory DIMM slots & can support up to 2GB, according to the manual & website.


I ran the memory utility test called "MemTest86 v3.2" As you may know, this utility runs 9 total tests (test #1 - #9) on each pass.


I ran it 3 times ( 3 passes) & in each test during test #5, I received errors with both memory sticks in it.


When I ran tests on each stick individually, I received no errors. Only get errors when both sticks are both inside.


In the 1st test pass it displayed 146 errors during test #5. On the 2nd test pass, it displayed 34 errors during test#5, the 3rd test pass it displayed 58 errors on test#5.


Any suggestions? Is it a defect, compatibility issue?

I know a few people with the same mobo as mine who have Kingston 1gb memory & their systems run without any errors or problems.


I emailed my Mobo tech support (they only offer email tech support) & they said it might be the Corsair memory as they have had complaints about this memory brand with Athlon 64 chips.


Thanks in advance.

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If memtest86 found no problems or errors on the memory, by testing the modules individually; then I will suggest you to look at other hardware/peripherals installed on your system. I do not think the problem is coming from the memory modules!
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