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H115i and H440 case


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Hi, i would like to ask you guys is it good idea to complete h115i cooling system, cpu 6600k and asus z170 pro gaming moba.

I would like to ask also is this cooling system will have a space at the ''roof'' of the case and will not disturb any elements inside.

Mayby someone of you have that setup and can share some pics ? would be great.

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I have an ASUS Z170 Sabertooth Mark 1 with an i7-6700k along with the h115i in the H440.


I set the AIO as exhaust on top in push configuration. Fits fine with stock fans.

However when I changed stock fans to Nocuta's NF-A14 PPC I needed to take off the rubber parts on one side (side to mb) of the fans. Now it fits tight, but everything is in place.

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