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Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1, Intel Z170 Mainboard - Memory compatibility


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Hey guys.


After reading a few threads here I am afraid that my selection of RAM wont work well with the above board?




would be my choice and now i read that Z170 boards have issues with 2800+ MHz speeds?


Anyone can shed some light or report that this configuration works?


Checking Asus DRAM list :


CMD32GX4M4B3000C15(Ver4.23) shows as compatible


so in theory my choice should work too, no?

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It's not Z170 boards that have difficulty with speeds over 2800, but the one specific board mentioned in the thread. Your theory is sound in basis and chances are most of the Corsair kits will run on the Saber, whether they are on the QVL or not. The potential hang-up is the 16GB module size. This does appear to make things a little harder on some boards.


You likely noticed the Asus QVL is 6 months out of date. Unfortunately, this is common and it represents point in time where 16GB modules were more rare. There are only 3 on the QVL and there are used in testing a very large memory total at lower speeds. This does not mean the newer 16GB modules that did not exist at that time won't work, but in the event they do not, you should not expect official support. Going off the QVL is frequently used as a means of excluding you from someone's responsibilities, whether they are related to memory or not. If you decide to go this route, you need to be prepared to deal with any issue yourself and exchange the memory kit if that is the problem. So, don't buy from an nonreturnable source.

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I poked around a bit more and was unable to find someone who explicitly stated they were running a Z170 Sabertooth and 16GB modules or any other inquiries along those lines. You could try and flush out an answer and ask in the Asus Z170 owners' forum on Overclock.net if anyone has tried 16GB modules on the Saber. However, if you have easy access to new modules and an easy method of return, I might be tempted to role the dice and try it. I didn't find anyone complaining they could not use 16GB modules and most people are quick to voice their dissatisfaction about that sort of thing.
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