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Corsair Void RGB Wireless Acting Up


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Sorry, I haven't experienced the exact issue you're seeing, but maybe I can help narrow down the issue.


Is it the physical button that is tough to press, or does it click, but not register immediately. If you press the button lightly (just enough where it clicks) and hold it for a few seconds, does it reliably turn on/off? Basically, trying to determine if this is a hardware or software issue.


I have the same headset, and I've noticed some issues with connectivity/responsiveness, but so far the hardware has been trouble free.

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It must be a hardware issue because I can press it like I normally do and there is a click but I have to press it really hard and sometimes I get a really quiet click and then it boots up. I think I still have my warrenty stuff on it so I'll wait until it fully dies and then request a new one.


I look after all of my stuff, and was never rough with my headset, It's just a shame the button broke a bit I guess.


The software though, really needs to be improved. I think it was rushed and just made compatable with the hardware, barely. It sometimes crashes when I turn on the headset, causing all my other RGB stuff to freeze, meaning I have to unplug the dongle and plug it back in and wait like 2 minutes to respond again... It can be really annoying. Hopefully 2.0 should be better.


Thanks for the suggestion though mate.

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