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Air cooling efficiency - 400R


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Greets and salutes. Pretty new here, and think this forum is a great knowledge base.


I have a 400R that was given to me by a coworker. It is leaps and bounds past my old case. My old gear inside still works fine for me, for now, so that won't be upgraded for a few more years. I'm not overclocked on anything, not a gamer, but tons of time doing Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, that stuff.


What kind of intrigues me about the case is fan placement. I can fit, like, ten of them. That's crazy! I observed a video somewhere where only three are needed for efficient cooling. But, since I have the options, why not? (Plus I tend to overthink some things, so apologies before hand.)


Attached is a picture of my system. I'm air cooled, and will probably graduate to water in the next build. I've numbered the locations for the mounts (9 and 10 are side panel). I've seen a similar picture, but that was for a 500R. What I have mounted now: 1, 2, (sp120 quiet) and 8 (stock). I'm considering mounting in 3. I don't think I'll do 4 or 5 with 3, as that would probably create more turbulence. Use 3 to push air up, but the GPU blocks most of it. 5 & 4 will just push air under the GPU and into the block that is the PSU. Up top, most setups have 6 & 7 exhausting. Which I'm considering as well. I've pondered maybe just having 6 as intake and no 7, since the EVO is pushing air into the exhaust. 9 & 10 I don't see needing any fans. All the fans are currently attached to the MB, but I have a Phobya 6 controller that I can use to adjust speeds.


If anyone has ideas or comments, I'd like to hear them. Thank you.


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I would agree -- either do 4 & 5 or 3, but probably not both. The drives are going to limit how much air comes through 1 & 2. Additional SP120 QE fans on 4/5 would help move more air through that area. Which location is preferable may come down the surface the PC sits on. If it's going to stand on long carpet fibers, the 3 fan may be not be helpful as you'd like. Otherwise, it would probably be the easier choice with an unobstructed flow. Use an airflow designed blade, like an AF120 or similar.


Don't worry about shaping the airflow around objects. The natural flow dynamics will take care of that on it's own as air fills the voids created as the fans move/displace air. I don't see anything that needs direct cooling and the air tower will take care of the top half of the board anyway.


I might let 6 & 7 stay open as passive vents until there is a reason to do otherwise. I suspect the air tower will draw in some fresh air through the #6 slot on its own, which may have an advantage for your CPU cooling. Putting an exhaust fan in that position would alter the flow and an intake may not be necessary. There will be a fair amount of air moving between the tower and the rear exhaust (8) already. I don't see a need for one there (7), however if you find your internal case temperatures to be warmer than you would like, slow turning exhaust fans in 6 & 7 will help move more total air out of the case.


No need for 9 & 10. The PSU has its own intake and exhaust in those positions.

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The only things that I would add to c-attacks excellent answer are

1) obvious, I know but worth saying, more fans = more noise


2) if you leave the fans off the top, it may be a good idea to put a filter on the top.


3) would it be any benifit to putting a second fan on the cooler in push/pull?

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Have #3 as bottom intake and #7 as exhaust and you should be good. #4 & #5 will only cause turbulence with #3 intake. #6 will affect cpu temps to increase (not good) because it's competing for air flow. not good. just leave #6 alone. The only reason why #6 & #7 exist is for radiators used by all-in-one liquid cooling.
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