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Good morning all.. my first post so apologies if this has been asked before. I've used the search function and checked the interweb but haven't found anything that can help.


I bought a Voyager flash drive several years ago (1Gb in size) and received the usual lanyard and mini-CD ROM disc with it. I created a partition to keep some files secret should it be lost and its been working fine. However due to a couple of disasters, I now can't access the partition as my laptop has had a catastrophic failure and so can't access the partition and during a house move I appear to have lost the mini-CD ROM.


I've looked on the Corsair website for downloads but can't find anything that resembles the software I'm after.


Anyone got any idea on how I can resolve this ?


Thanks in advance.

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Update... still no joy from Tech Support.. I sent them an email about 5 or 6 days ago and still no reply from them .. 4th July holiday shutdown perhaps and a backlog of questions to reply to ? Also tried Parted Magic (Thanks for the heads up Toasted) - however, it recognised the drive(s) on my laptop and flash drive but couldn't "see" the hidden partition on the flash drive...


Anyone got any further ideas on what to try ? I've had my doris go through all my cubby holes at home where I put/place stuff and still no mini CD-ROM ...




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