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Firmware v2.05 - All CUE Supported Keyboards

Corsair James

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Hi everyone,


All of our keyboards now officially support firmware v2.05. I don't normally post patch notes for firmware but I wanted everyone to know that in this firmware, we disabled the demo mode that was causing some detection issues. Demo Mode was built in so people could see the radiant lighting on the keyboard without any type of USB enumeration. However, the issue was when Demo Mode comes on, it disabled USB enumeration and the keyboard had to be restarted (by unplugging or pressing Windows Key + WinLock key simultaneously).


In FW v2.05, Demo Mode has been disabled by default so users will never have an enumeration issue again. For all FW updates, we always recommend CUE to initiate the update. However, there are times where CUE can't do the update due to system related issues (always use Intel native USB ports!). If you have this problem, contact our tech support team with a ticket or give them a toll free call at 1-888-222-4346 and we can help you flash the keyboard manually.


If any of you have questions, feel free to PM Corsair Henry or myself.


Thanks for your time.

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