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The Legend of Zelda! Profile/Theme

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I have not seen any Zelda profiles, while browsing what i did.

I couldn't have that, being one of the best series in history, its a must for any gamer!

This is what I came up with, nothing too fancy, but theres quite abit. Enjoy!




Navi - Master Sword - Hylian Shield

Majora's Mask - Bombs - Fairy Bow

Hookshot - Lens of Truth - Triforce

The Spiritual Stone's - Great Fairy Magic


Theres a few more modes, not shown in the video, just variants really.


If anyone has other Zelda profiles please post them here, I would really like to see any others.


For All Profiles



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Hey bud, me again. Converted your K95 profile to a Strafe RGB profile. (BTW, I'm not doing this to be a nazi, I'm doing this because I like what I see and I want to use them on my Strafe keyboard)




I noticed you mentioned that you want to know how to do it yourself. It's easy, actually -- just open up the PRF file in Notepad, do a CTRL + F to open the Search box and search for "K95". When you get it, change it to one of the following:








There's a sticky at the top of the subforum which has the entire list of what to put there. I recommend you check it out.

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