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K70 Vengeance Red LED vs K70 Lux Red LED (RMA related)


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I recently went through with an RMA on my K70 Vengeance (CH-9000067-NA) after the "a" key stopped working, and it went great, I live in Canada and the shipping was going to be around 40 dollars, but the guy gave me a prepaid shipping receipt! After shipping it and getting the RMA approved I got an email saying that they were out of stock of my keyboard and they would have to wait until August to get stock in.


The next day I got another email saying it had shipped. The email says that the product that was shipped was a CH-9000067-NA but when it arrived it was the Lux version(http://www.corsair.com/en/k70-lux-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-red-led-cherry-mx-brown-na#), not the Vengeance version(http://www.corsair.com/en/vengeance-k70-fully-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-anodized-black-cherry-mx-brown). As far as I can tell the Lux keyboard has the same hardware and specs, but the keycaps on the Lux are the same keycaps as on the Strafe. Personally, I think these keycaps look lower quality compared to the K70 Vengeance ones (Personal opinion).


Does anyone know if there are any actual differences between these two keyboards?


And what do you guys think I should do, should I call Corsair and tell them they shipped the wrong one? Or should I call them, explain the situation and maybe try to see if I can get replacement key caps? I don't really care that it's a different keyboard, as long as it's the same "level" of keyboard, but the keycaps are annoying to me. I haven't opened the RMA'd box yet either, btw.

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The K70 LUX supports CUE which allows you to basically customise your keyboard. e.g. change key assignments, etc.


The Vengeance K70 may have been discontinued where it's successor is the K70 LUX. Though they usually do tell you if the item cannot be replaced for the same model. Not 100% sure if it was an error or not.


If you have questions about you RMA, it will be best to contact customer service via Skype (via toll-free) or reply back to your ticket.


Obsolete or Discontinued Products

An obsolete or discontinued product will be replaced with the same product if available. If Corsair is unable to replace your obsolete or discontinued product with the same product, Corsair will replace the obsolete or discontinued product, in its sole discretion, with a product having similar function and capacity.

Source: http://www.corsair.com/en/support/warranty

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