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Cue Link Synchronozed Lighting Not Showing VOID Options.


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Hello, I am new here.


I have the Strafe RGB keyboard and Scimitar RGB mouse. While using the CUE software, I always noticed the VOID options under the "CUE Link" dropdown for synchronized lighting. Choosing this would tell me I needed a VOID headset to be able to use them.


Well, today I brought home a new VOID RGB headset. I hooked it all up, it is the default device for playback and recording, and now the VOID options under the "CUE Link" dropdown menu are gone.


I have searched and searched google and these forums but can't seem to find what i am doing wrong. CUE lists my VOID Headset, and I can change lighting on it and change EQ settings. So, it knows it is there. But the CUE Link options just aren't there anymore.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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Is the CUE dropdown menu still in the STRAFE RGB lighting tab?


If i recall correctly, Once CUE LINK is enabled, all the devices will be in sync with each other.


Yes. The The dropdown is still there. The issue is that the option IN that dropdown for the VOID audio stuff are gone, now. When they were there before I added the VOID to the system.

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