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Corsair 780T Airflow Questions

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So, I'm working on a new build (using the parts in my profile), and planning on using the 780T case, and the H100i v2 (or H115i) coolers from Corsair for my CPU cooler.


However, I'm having a bit of a conundrum with airflow, and I'd like some advice.


Using a radiator suggests using it as an intake, but it's designed to be placed at the top of the case, a location which makes the most sense for an exhaust.


So I'm going to try to resituate the radiator to the front, removing the HDD cages, and the preinstalled fans, and replacing them with the radiator and fans from the cooler.

Similar to this picture:



That being the case, would it be best to use the H100, or the H115? I get a larger radiator with the 115, and larger fans for more airflow, right?


Then too, my remaining question is what to do with the other fan ports, especially the top port. If I set two 120mm intake fans on the bottom, would it be better to repurpose the 140mm fans for top exhaust? Or just leave the top clear for natural pressure based ventilation?


I want the airflow going from the front and bottom to the rear and top, but I don't want to set too much exhaust and get into a negative pressure situation. I'm not good at calculating the pressure or airflow patterns, though.

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In my 780T case I'm using the H115i as an intake at the top of the case. I'm running a push/pull set up and exhausting the air our the back with the rear fan. I get fresh air coming in the front directed at the GPU with a shoud I built. I also made a PSU cover and have a 120mm exhaust out the bottom to keep that chamber cool. Number of fans and possition are not as important as direction and speed. Because of my push/pull set up, I run my fans very slow(500 rpm) they are quiet. My rear exhaust runs much faster, I played with rpm to adjust noise and flow. My intakes in front run at their lowest rpm. Doing a smoke test showed that I maintain case pressure that is almost balanced (slightly positive). If you put your cooler in front the air coming out of it will be 10-15 degrees C higher than ambient and blow directly on your GPU? No bueno! At the top, the incoming air it immediately whisked out the back and the cool air from the from is cooling my GPU. You can flip the top fans and use them as exhausts but my temps went up 1-2 degrees when I tried it. Good luck!
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