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Rma Id#?


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hello..new here and just a question about the online RMA ID#.

first my story.

ived had this 2x512mb of corsairs xms3200LL running dual memory on my pentium4 3.0GHZ with an MSI neo2 motherboard.been having this setup for the last roughly 2 years without any problems.recently,i just upgraded to an ABIT AS8 motherboard with a 3.4ghz prescott and i kept getting errors.the PC just wont even post.i then took each memory out and tried them individually and one memory would boot the system fine but the other one wont.

i tried the sasme 2 memory on a different PC and did the samae thing.i guess one went bad.

since i bought this as a pair from tigetdirect,do i have to RMA both of them?

another thing is i dont have the receipt anymore.

and lastly..how do i obtain the post#/ticket# to be able to RMA this?

thanks for the repy in advance :):

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thnxz for the reply wired.

i just checked my email this morning and they already gave me a number for RMA.also instructions.

do i still need ramguy to validate this first or should i go ahead and send my memories?

thnxz again

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thnakz ramguy.

one more question..lol..sorry..this things just pops in mt head as i go along..lol

my memory was rated to run 2-2-2-6. ver.1.1

looking at the corsair chart and reading online forums..i learned that the newer models of my memory now carries the 2-3-2-6 speed cause of a newer chip being used now by corsair.its unstable to run the old timings.

will i get the same type of speed for my old memory meaning,theyll match my memory timings to whatever model it will match or will they just give me the exact same memory model regardless of the timings?

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