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780T Graphite+EVGA 750G2 PSU Not fitting


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Hello, just to start off i'm very new to building computers, this will actually be my first.


I'm trying to fit a EVGA 750Watt G2 in to the 780t, but the screw holes aren't fully in view and missing like 1mm off, I've pushed it in good and tried being forceful with it,(pushing while trying to screw it in), but its just not happening.


I've been trying to fit this PSU for a while now and I would just like to know if I should return for a different one or not. I've seen a Corsair VS650 in a build and the dimensions are the same i'm just not sure why its not working, again I'm new to this so any help is much appreciated.


EDIT: Looks like the fan facing down wont fit and didnt try it the other way :S, ideally though I don't want to mount upwards and 2/4 screw holes are close to alignment while the other 2 are off by .5-1mm


Heres a few pictures:

2 that aren't aligned




2 that are close


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