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Corsair 800D: Strange front panel contacts


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Hello there,

nice to join the forum! I've been reading it for quite a lot time (especially about problems and solutions to be honest), but the time has arrived for me to ask the experts something.


I own an Obsidian 800D and for a long time and I was and still am, curious about these 2 copper contacts on the left top of my case's front panel.


They do not appear in any photo of the case on the internet, nobody who has seen them happens to know anything about them. Moreover, they do not seem to be there by luck or scratches, as you will see in the photos.

I think this forum, is the most proper one to try my luck :)


I am attaching two photos, one with flash and one without. Hope there is someone here to have some knowlegde over this, cause it keeps driving me nuts... Guess if I dont find out, I will have them painted with a perma-marker :P






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Have you tried asking Corsair? You can use the Support Ticket System link at the top of the page. I suspect that they are some kind of manufacturing fault/defect, as I can see no possible use for them, still I could be wrong ( it happened once before, about 30 years ago :-)) )
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Well, I thought that would be the proper forum to ask, concidering there are mostly corsair-stuff owners.


Dunno, it's not something important. It's just me being mental about it, cause I dont know what it is.

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I would never troll for such a puny matter... its just a matter of curiosity.


I bought it used from a friend, he didnt know either what these 2 copper contacts are.

The funny part is that... they arent glued or something like that.

They just exist.


Thats why i've posted it here, by any chance someone would have known something. Anyway, as they are, they do not make any difference to the case but i said, i was very curious. Just that.

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