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H80i Oddities


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I use my system mainly for flight sim with Prepar3d v3. This is a fairly CPU intensive application. What I find strange is the exhaust fan from the H80i has never been warm. My CPU temps run into the mid to high 70s when this app is running. I've reseated the cooler on the heat spreader with just enough thermal paste. All the connections are made. Just seems strange that the fans aren't blowing warm air for as hot as the CPU is getting.


Other strange issue is I just installed recently the latest version of Corsair link for Windows 10. I detects the cooler and is able to change the fans speeds. However, once I've installed this utility, the H80i is not detectable by the bios. there's an app Asus uses to optimize your overclock and tune the case fans. For whatever reason, this utility does not detect the H80i.


Not sure if these 2 issues are related. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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