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Very weird problem with my k95 keyboard


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Hello this is my first time in this forum. Just signed up to get help

My keyboard has very weird issue which is:

My Alt, CTRL, and windows key is stuck (not physically)

I dont know whats the problem. Rebooting computer wont work tried switching usb ports still same tried keyboard on different computer and still same issue

Also it makes my computer act strange whenever i plug my k95 and unplug and put another keyboard that keyboard would have the same problem its like keyboard to keyboard virus but rebooting computer with different keyboard solves the problem until i plug the k95 again

And the keyboards lights are switching randomly even when computer is in sleep mode i cant even try start at safe mode because buttons wont work

Any help i would appreciate it Thanks for reading

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Well the problem is i cant do anything whenever i plug the keyboard it just presses buttons randomly with ctrl alt and windows button stuck it basically makes computer non usable

is there anyway i can reset the keyboard without plugging it in?

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You will need to connect the keyboard to the computer to reset the keyboard.


Contact customer service for instructions for a hard reset. If i recall correctly, you will put the keyboard into bootloader mode which will allow you to reflash the firmware.

When the keyboard is in bootloader mode, it shouldn't spam the keys.

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